The market spirit

Au marché

Originally serving delicatessens and butchers, our small traditional charcuterie has grown considerably since we first opened in 1928! Our secret? Thanks to our age-old expertise in charcuterie, which has been passed on through the generations, we offer quality, fresh and authentic products, faithful to the charcuterie tradition and the market spirit of our beginnings. 

Our values

The market spirit of Paul Prédault
is reflected in the quality of our work,
serving up fresh, delicious products for
our customers and consumers.


A culture of quality

Good meat means delicious, quality products. That’s why we carefully select our meats, drawing on our co-operative's well-managed supply chain to guarantee quality and traceability — essential factors in ensuring a quality final product. All our products are made using 100% French meat.

Le proc Français
Le goût de l'authenticité

A taste for authenticity

We have been carrying out traditional practices for decades. In fact, our master butchers still carry out some steps by hand, such as moulding our hams and slicing them over the counter, respecting the shape of the pig's thigh.

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cooked hams and
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